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Sleepytime Tea

Materials needed: A teapot (electric or stovetop) Your favorite mug or teacup A tea infuser Ingredients: 3 parts chamomile 2 parts peppermint 1 part lavender 1 part catnip Water Steps: Combine and lightly mix herbs in a bowl. Boil water on the stove. Place 1 tablespoon of tea in a tea infuser. Place infuser in the mug, and fill the mug with hot water. Let your tea steep for at least 5 minutes … [Read More...]

How the Right Knife Can Increase Nutrients

Knives have many uses in the kitchen. If you want to get really fancy, the right knife, as well as the right method, can produce the perfect julienne or chiffonade. But there are other things using the right knife can do you may not be aware of - yet. One of the most important is increasing the nutrients foods provide your body. The former preferred method of leafy green processing used by experts was tearing instead of cutting. Tearing was … [Read More...]

Summer Food Safety Tips

Mark your calendars! Summer officially begins on Wednesday, June 21. Summer is a season of picnics, pool parties, and outdoor grilling. We want you to keep your food safe this summer so you don't end up with any foodborne illness. Here are a few food safety tips! For the Grill: Use separate cutting boards and utensils for meats/fish and ready to eat items like fruits and vegetables. Never re-use items that have touched raw meat to … [Read More...]

How to Find Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is among some of the healthiest fats to incorporate into your diet, and extra virgin olive oil is the most coveted among olive oils. Unfortunately, many of the oils on store shelves today are cut with low-grade vegetable oils, flavored and colored with plant extracts .   According to a report by researchers at UC Davis. "More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in California grocery stores aren't what … [Read More...]

Easy DIY Dust Busting Spray

Have you been spring cleaning? Avoid toxic chemicals by making your own cleaning products! This dust busting spray is easy and smells lovely. Here's what you'll need: * A 16oz spray bottle * 1 cup of filtered water * ¼ cup of infused white vinegar (see instructions below) * 2 TB olive oil * 15 drops essential oil of choice. (lemon, sweet orange, or cedar smell lovely!) This recipe makes about 11oz of spray. To make an infused vinegar, … [Read More...]